Bespoke Foam Liners

If you require a more dedicated alternative to the standard ‘Pick & Pluck’ foam option, allow us to design a bespoke foam liner that securely encapsulates your equipment. We use only the highest grade of PE military spec foam to ensure finish and longevity are achieved.

Personalised Branding

Whether you need to convey contents instructions, display company logos or optimise corporate branding, we can accommodate your case printing requirements. We employ both the standard screen-printing and the latest photo etching transfer methods to add that extra touch of class.

Custom Panels

Our unique integrated bezel system means custom panel applications are facilitated with ease. No need for additional brackets or extra drilling – just mount your panel directly to the flange provided and you are operational within minutes.

Custom colours

NANUK cases are available in 10 colours; this versatile selection makes NANUK the king of customisation. But if the colour you require isn’t on the palette, simply send us the Pantone reference and we will be more than happy to develop a custom tone just for you.

* Minimum quantities required.