Our Defence Support reflects the commitment we have to ensuring mission critical equipment remains safe during all stages of logistics handling. From our optimized packaging design methodology, combining Def Stan 81-41 & Mil Spec 810 principles, to ruggedized protection during transportation and storage – the through life serviceability of your packaged defence materiel is guaranteed with NANUK.


Quality Assurance is integral to all elements of the supply chain management process. NANUK cases deliver on cost, reactiveness and Quality Control – but most importantly, they outperform the competition in all practical areas. From diagnostics enclosures to production tool kits, there is a case for any application. Manufacturing doesn’t come any leaner!


Location, location…..  wherever your assignment takes you, you are assured that your gear will arrive safely. From film crews working in demanding conditions to investigative journalism teams, your expensive and sensitive equipment needs not only to be protected against climate and shock but be able to facilitate speedy deployment once in situ. NANUK provides the remedy to the failings of yesterday’s case makers.


Power comes from energy. Electricity, fossil fuels or the capture of natural elements; the energy industry can operate in the harshest of conditions.

Surveying Kit; Drilling Apperatus; Seismic Measurement; Process Control – regardless of the application, the NANUK case will meet the demands. Our new NK7 polypropylene formula delivers class leading impact protection while the ‘PowerClaw’ catches never fail.


Civilian Safety is paramount, given the threats imposed on today’s society. NANUK will provide the best ruggedized transit case solution to support Law Enforcement; Border Control; Rapid Reaction and Special Forces engagement. All fully customizable to specification.


Ambulance; Air-Sea Rescue; Coastguard Watch and the Fire Service all rely on the operability of the equipment they use. The necessity of high performance support materials saves lives. So the impact resistance, patented “PowerClaw” compression catches and fully IP67 waterproof capability of the NANUK case will meet the demands.


Health Values are the most critical elements to society; the instruments and medical equipment used in the care profession need to remain in perfect condition. The NANUK case conforms ideally to these exacting standards. Whether its the class leading size-to-weight ratio; the user-focused ergonomics or the cost efficiency: NANUK has a remedy for the prognosis!