Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Technologically Improved

The Nanuk Advantage

If you are interested in how your equipment can be transported and protected using the latest engineering & design developments, the NANUK Advantage gives you 10 reasons why:

  • ‘PowerClaw’ Closing System – Patented compression catch with quick release button.
  • Watertight – IP67; 1m immersion for 30mins
  • Impact Resistant – ATA 300 tested.
  • Design – Great looks and practical execution.
  • Two-Stage Retractable Handle – Single handed operation
  • Integrated Panel Mount – Efficient and cost effective.
  • Polyurethane Wheels – Shock proof and smooth running.
  • Reinforced S/S Padlock Insert – Wheeled & Long series
  • Spring Loaded Handles – Wheeled & Long series.
  • Comfort Aircell Shoulder Strap

Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Lightweight & Resilient

With an average weight saving of 12% over the established competition, the NANUK case uses its special ‘NK-7’ resin polypropylene formula to provide improved impact performance at low temperatures. Add to this a class leading capacity-to-weight ratio and you can wave goodbye to those heavy, ‘40-year-old-designs’ of yesterdays cases world.

Impact tested to ATA Spec 300 Cat1; which uses a 6kg steel dart dropped from 0.5m at -20degC, the ‘NK-7’ resin again proves its superior ability to withstand aggressive physical infractions. The lighter weight and extra resilience of the NANUK case alleviates your materials handling worries.

Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Integrated bezel system

Securing an outside faceplate with screws or rivets can weaken your case and compromise water resistance. NANUK solves this dilemma with its integrated bezel system.

Found on the lower portion of all NANUK cases (and also the upper portion of several NANUK models), this solid inner lip is designed specifically for mounting and makes panel installation easy.

Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Watertight and Burstproof

Qualified to an ingress protection rating of IP67, your packaged materiel is assured all-weather protection; whilst the 2-way breather valve allows the air flow needed to cope with operational compression and decompression situations.

The patented ‘Power Claw’ closing system gives world beating performance and sealing stability when faced with the inevitable impact and crushing scenarios of everyday use; operational failure and Gaffer tape repairs are consigned to history!

Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Two stage retractable handle

Hassle-free transport comes courtesy of NANUK’s two-stage retractable handle, available with NANUK 935, 950 and 960.

Posture-friendly, the handle can be adjusted to two different heights and offers easy, one-handed operation with its quick release button.

Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Colour range

Be it for aesthetic preference or more practical purposes, colour choice is an important feature. With NANUK you can choose from a pallette of 10.

Colour options range from emergency orange to olive drab, meaning you can blend in or stand out—whatever the task entails. Please refer to specific product pages for colour availability.

Why Choose Nanuk Cases

Design Excellence

Drawing on years of plastic injection-moulding experience, the design team at Plasticase employed the 3 critical elements; Form, Function and Innovation, to achieve a contemporary yet classic professional, protective case design.

Combining aesthetic appeal with practical ergonomics the NANUK case exudes quality and character. From the tactile comfort grip of the spring-loaded handles to the positive engagement of the interstacking feet, you are reminded of the intelligent choice that led to owning a NANUK case